White Talha Wines:

In red Talha wines, the winemaking method is most similar to the so-called technological red wines.

Fermentation takes place while the liquid is in contact with the masses (skin, pulp, seeds and stems). In Talha wines, even after fermentation, the rules estabished by the CVRA only allow the wine to be separated from the masses after November 11th )the famous St. Martin's Day).

Fermentation in Talha takes longer due to the shape of the Talha itself, meaning there is longer contact with the masses, hence the great diffrence in color, textur and structure when compared to the so-colled tecnological whites. This prolonged contact also alows for greater extraction of phenolic compounds. This phenolic richness of Talha wines is much superior. 


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3 2017
3 is the wine that best reflects the philosophy and missions of Talha de Frades. It is a...
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1x1 2018
From a vineyard that is around 20 years old, this wine was born from a mistake during the...
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