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Legal Age for Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

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Privacy policy

I - Protection of personal data

ACV - Vinhos de Talha assumes a commitment to the privacy and security of each customer's personal data, which are only used by ACV - Vinhos de Talha to process their orders. Under no circumstances will we provide our customers' data to other entities.

All data entered by the users of this website are safely stored and used only for institutional and commercial communications by ACV - Vinhos de Talha. Users can, at any time, if and when they want, cancel these communications.


II - Treatment and access to personal data

The processing of personal data is ACV - Produção e Comércio de Vinhos de Talha, Lda, responsibility, company based in Rua Frei Amador Arrais - Loja 4 9 Beja 7800-491 Beja with the portuguese fiscal number (NIF) 513442340.


According to the Law No. 67/98 of 26 October, the user is guaranteed the right of access to their data and the respective rectification. The user can do so by contacting us via email

III - Client area

You can access your personal data and your order history through your Customer Area, accessible through LOGIN at the top of the site.


This password exists only for your personal use on this website, and you must memorize it or keep it in a safe place, so as not to compromise the privacy of your data.


IV - Cookies

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