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    The name it’s a tribute to the wife’s producer, made with the finest grapes, selected rigorously during the harvest period. This great white wine is based on the varieties Antão Vaz and Arinto as the main one’s blended also with two other Alentejo varieties: Manteúdo and Perrum, allowing the wine to be even smother and lighter. 

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    Having got this wine, has dispelled all doubts about the possibility of getting great and the best wines with the method of vinification of the wine. Given a particular year and a grape of Mangancha vineyard with amazing quality, a unique wine was obtained, hence its name Peculiar .. As in our other wines, we apply the most rigor in the whole process.

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    Amphora wine "talha wine" can be very distinct and is well known for the awesome and flavoured blands from indigenous varities. 7 varieties, that produce a very rich bland, making this wine a fantastic aliment. We call our Amphora wines "LONGA GUARDA" because they can age in the bottle for many many years getting better in the process.

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    All ACV wines are the result of a rigorous choice of grapes at harvest. This "Escolha" of 2106, was made under the same premises of 2015. It has in its composition two traditional varieties of Alentejo, Antão Vaz and Arinto, which allowed a genuine, fruity and smooth white that allows a "conversation" entry that only The best are allowed.

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    This is the first wine classified as special by the producer. The 1856 wine aged during 5 months in a tile dated from 1856, giving that name to this special wine.  This great wine, blended with of the two most traditional varieties from white wines in Alentejo: Antão Vaz and Arinto.

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  • We are counting on you to unveil the production secrets of our Talha Wines on a visit to our vineyards and test your senses with a commented tasting of 4 carved wines and prove that not only can you bottle without losing its characteristics, as the bottle evolves very interestingly. Experience price valid for 5 person.

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Talha Wine

A unique handcrafted product in the winemaking method and its own wine characteristics. This is the oldest winemaking method in the world, over 9000 years old.

It can be said that the wine of Talha "IS THE FATHER OF ALL WINES". Brought by the Romans to Portugal for over 2000 years.

It is in the villages of Vila de Frades and Vila Alva, municipalities of Vidigueira and Cuba, that this tradition has been preserved until today.

The winemaking method of Talha Wine is currently the subject of an application for Intangible Heritage of Humanity.