Talha De Frades White Wine DOC. 2017

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This wine is very differentiated and well known for its exceptional blands of indigenous grape varieties.

7 varieties, that produce a very rich bland, making this wine a fantastic aliment.

Wines can age in the bottle for many years and hence we call them "LONG GUARD".



Política de entrega

Region: Vidigueira, Beja

Vineyard Soil: Shale

Annual Production: 980 bottles

Varieties: Síria, Antão Vaz, Manteúdo, Perrum, Diagalves e Larião

Alcohol Content: 13º

Conservation temperature: 14º to 16º

Longevity: Long Duration

Data sheet

How to serve
Serve at a temperature of 9ºC until 12ºC. You can pour the wine directly into the glass, but we recommend opening the bottle 10/20 minutes before serving, dispensing a little in a glass so that the wine in the bottle has room to breathe